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Info about Vintage Walnut Stocks and Finishing Options

Vintage Walnut Takedown Stock Sets:

I have an inventory of 10/22 Vintage Walnut Stocks originally made in the late 60's and early 70's. They are all well used with lots of dent and dings. I strip the finish off and sand the stocks down to remove all the dents, then refinish the stock after I convert the stocks for the Takedown. The older stocks are the Overton Walnut Stocks that are lighter due to the barrel being channeled out. Some of the Overton stocks were bored out in the butt to make them even lighter. The Overton stocks tend to have nicer grain due to higher grades of Walnut used at that time. Overton stocks have a tapered tip on the forend compared to the more rounded tip on the later Ruger Walnut stocks.

Finishing Options:

I can finish the stock with a Matte TungOil Finish or in a Semi-Gloss TruOil Finish. I can add sling studs and can supply the quick detachable swivels in Blued or Stainless (Brushed Nickel). I can modify the stock for a .920 Bull Barrel. I also have an option to add an Ebony Forend Tip to extend the forend length back to the standard length as well as offer a very unique look on the Walnut Takedown Stock Sets.

In the next few weeks I will be finishing a few Vintage Walnut Takedown Stock Sets for the Bull Barrel and hope to have a couple Bull Barrel Stock Sets with the Ebony Forend Tip as well.

eMail me if there is a certain combination of options you would like to have on your Vintage Walnut Takedown Stock Set and I will let you know the pricing and lead time.

Special Orders/Conversions:

I can convert any stock made for the 10/22 Rifle with a Standard or .920 Bull Barrel made of Wood, Laminate or Rubber. See if the seller will direct ship the stock to me when you order the stock. If they can't ship to me, I can order the stock in for you to save you the shipping charge reshipping the stock to me after you receive it.

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

10/22 Takedown Vintage Teak Stock Set - 1670

Ruger® 10/22 Takedown
Vintage Teak Stock Set - 1670
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